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Gary Baird

Thinking Outside the Box

When you work with M.D. Financial Services, you’ll find us eager and prepared to meet your coverage needs. Unlike other agents, you’ll almost never hear us say, “no.” Often, our answer to questions posed by our clients is “maybe”. We call it “thinking outside the box.” Here’s an example.

Recently, I talked with a prospective client, a physician employed by the U.S. Government. Anyone who is employed by the federal or state government knows how difficult it is to get disability coverage in any amount. Rather than taking the most common approach and saying, “sorry,” I wound up helping this doctor pick a discounted contract from one of our carriers that had a base amount of coverage but had a tremendous FUTURE PURCHASE OPTION ATTACHED.

This discounted plan had no charge and no limit on Future Purchase Option other than the current maximum issue from that carrier of $15,000. So even though there didn’t appear to be any disability insurance policies or a great deal of coverage available initially, we found an option that would allow the client to obtain a contract and have the right to increase the contract as their income went up or if they ever went into private practice. This policy option was even available to the client for additional cost.

We also specialize in helping clients with past or current health and medical issues. Unlike many in the disability insurance industry, we frequently issue disability contracts for diabetics or physicians on prescription antidepressant medications. Regardless of your circumstances, regardless of what you may have experienced from other agents and carriers in the past, you’ll find that doing business with M.D. Financial Services means getting the job done with the right plan and the right coverage at the right price.

with Gary Baird
  Business Overhead Coverage

This often overlooked protection helps protect partnerships by offering a monthly benefit to pay regular reoccurring bills in the case of a disability.

with Ryan Poindexter
  Disability Buyout Coverage

Long-term disabilities can have a major financial impact on practices with multiple partners. Buyout coverage offers financial protection to all affected.

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