Insurance Application Advisor


Unlike other agents and brokers, we've streamlined the application process to enable you to get started on the road to disability insurance coverage quickly and easily.

Typically, our clients receive their preliminary application for coverage via overnight mail. Your packet will contain concise and easy-to-understand instructions on how to fill out the application and we'll highlight those areas on which you'll need to focus your attention.

Here's the basic information we'll need from you to expedite your application through the underwriting process. Completing your application REALLY shouldn't take any more than 10 to 15 minutes.

Name, home address, home phone number, and email address
Date of Birth, and Social Security number
Place of Birth
Citizenship Status
Drivers License number and State
Occupation Specialty
Employer Name, address, work number, and fax number
Number of Years employed
Income information to include a tax return with W2/1099 and all attachments and year to date check stub
Existing Insurance Details and will need to know if you are replacing
Lifestyle/Avocation questions to include tobacco usage, moving violations, military, foreign travel, aviation, and hazardous sports

In most cases, that's all the information you'll need to provide to get started. In fact, if you want to reduce the amount of time it takes to fill out the application, just use the above list to prepare the information required.

M.D. Financial Services is always at your service to answer any questions, provide quotes for disability insurance or guide you through the process.
with Gary Baird
  Business Overhead Coverage

This often overlooked protection helps protect partnerships by offering a monthly benefit to pay regular reoccurring bills in the case of a disability.
with Ryan Poindexter
  Disability Buyout Coverage

Long-term disabilities can have a major financial impact on practices with multiple partners. Buyout coverage offers financial protection to all affected.
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