What is Disability Insurance?


While M.D. Financial Services stands ready to assist you in selecting and implementing the right coverage for you, for those interested in learning more on your own, we’ve provided this section to give you an understanding of the kinds of coverage, benefits and restrictions which may apply.

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Definitions of Disability, This is what determines if you are disabled and what happens if you return to work in another area of medicine or in another occupation all together.

Policy Options: There are a variety of doctor disability insurance plans from which you may want to choose. Each is designed for specific circumstances which may or may not have relevance to your needs.


Business Overhead Expense Disability: Business Overhead contracts are put in force to protect you, your partners, and your business in case you are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of you specific medical specialty.

Disability Buy Out: Disability Buy Out is one of the most underutilized doctor disability insurance contracts in the market place.

Key Person Disability: Disability Contract that allows for a company to place a contract on a Key employee that would pay a benefit to the company if that Key person was unable to do their job due to a disability.

Group Disability: Group policies are the weakest of all contacts in the market place due to the definition and the fact you usually only end up with a 1 or 2 year rate guarantee and then the premiums can fluctuate as the carrier sees fit.

Association Policies: These doctor disability insurance policies are offered from different affiliated groups to their members.

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  Business Overhead Coverage

This often overlooked protection helps protect partnerships by offering a monthly benefit to pay regular reoccurring bills in the case of a disability.

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  Disability Buyout Coverage

Long-term disabilities can have a major financial impact on practices with multiple partners. Buyout coverage offers financial protection to all affected.

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